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After a 4 Month wait received myPeugeot 2008 1.6 e-HDi 115 Allure (Bianca White) - Sat Nav & Heated Seats....
23rd January 2014.

Month later..I can honestly say this is without a doubt one of the best cars i have bought !

She runs so
smoothly/Quietly & averaging 52mpg. Due to work commitments i will average around 18,000 miles a year & this car will save me a small fortune considering my last car Mazda 3 Sport (Petrol)

Whilst driving she isdelightful...You feel in control & safe !

Pot Holes....She took them in her stride &didn'tfeel a thing (ExcellentSuspension)

The seats/controls along with the size of steering wheelergonomicallyperfect !

Both my Wife & I fight who is driving her...That tells its own story !

Issues of Concern

Considering i paid £400 for Sat Nav i was disappointed with performance (not the most advanced system considering cost !)

Could they not have considered the ignition point required a light !

Arm Rests are a MUST !

Overall a delight to drive & looking forward to using Grip control !

Would recommend this car to ALL !

Thank You Peugeot


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always nice to read comments from people who have had the car a while, you don't tend to notice "little annoyances" until some of the novelty has worn off a bit but glad to hear your still incredibly happy with it.

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Hi Jonny,

Ive had my 2008 for 7 months now and I still enjoy the car as of day one.

My issues of concern are very similar to yours;

Ignition key surround light is much needed.
Satnav is ok but seems a little bit out of date.
Reversing light is as bright a candle, not a lot of use when its very dark outside.
One touch electric blind on roof would be nice.
No 'full' power off on stereo.
No parcel shelf cords/strings to hold up shelf when tailgate opened.

Thats it..!

not bad I think, everything else is just fine, so all in all Im still happy.
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