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2020 plate Peugeot GTLine Allure 1.2 petrol. 800 miles
Issues so far....
Whining noise when de acceleration at 30 mph
Key not always recognised when in car
Tow cover on rear bumper keeps popping open
Stop start only kicked in twice since picked car up
Both front seats losing height (like a slow puncture)
Boot doesn't always close first time
Rattle coming from passenger side when no passenger

Wondering if anyone else has experienced any of these issues?

Came from a 3008 67 plate that had issues with 3 out of 4 suspension
Thought we would be luckier this time! Wishful thinking

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How do you have a 'GT Line Allure'? In the UK (according to the configurator) we have an Allure and an Allure Premium, the GT Line is one up from them.

OK is your car a manual or automatic EAT8, you've not said?

Can't give you advice on the tow cover popping open as haven't seen one.

With regard to the stop start not working it may be prudent to put the battery on an intelligent charger like a CTEK on the AGM setting. I did with mine and my stop/start started functioning again.

If the passenger side rattles without a passenger then clearly the seat fixings/mechanism.

But all of these should be remedied by your dealer as part of their ;after-sales' service.

Weirdly I got my 2008 purely because I couldn't afford the 拢18k they wanted for a used 3008 :(

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I also have a 2020 gt line. It took a while for the start stop to function but it kicked in after some longer journeys. Yes my toe hitch cover also keeps popping off. Not seen any of your other issues yet.


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Thanks for replying. The car has now been back to Peugeot. They have fixed the cover popping open and ordered a new battery for the stop start but it has yet to be fitted. They say they can see an issue with the seats losing height so will just have to keep pumping them up for the time being. They said the Rattle on the passenger side was the seat belt? And they said the boot closes fine but it's still an issue for us.might be worth having yours checked.
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