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I have a 2017 Allure. Midwinter melbourne Australia. About 8 deg C in the morning. On starting, the sensor registered -4 deg C and then slowly crawled up to the correct reading over 30-60 seconds or so. Its been working fine every since (1 day ago!)

I did have a similar issue with the same sensor a year or so ago, when it was registering 15 degrees for some time while the external temperature was over 30 degrees - and would not climb to the appropriate temperature even after a few minutes (5-10) driving. Funnily enough the A/C would not switch on. Very uncomfortable in the car. The short-term remedy for that (via Google) was to slam the passenger door, the longer-term remedy was a visit to the dealer who cleaned a connector (in the door, I think). Sensor itself was scanned and showed up no faults.

I'm wondering whether my most recent observation (showing low then crawling up to normal) is just a repeat of the earlier issue? I may just have to keep an eye on it, but observations welcome.

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