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I have the best car (2008) i have experienced, including other top-branded top liners.

having said that I have comments to the Navigtion System, not being compatible with iPhone (and maybe other Phones widely used). Map updates are quite expensive and a Pan-EU map is at least one year older than the newest map per each country. - it seems to be a "Peugeot ATM"!!

recently i changed my tires, from winter tires to summer tires

my fuel consumption went up 30 % from 24 km/l to 16 km/l

the authorised dealer service did clean my rear brakes, still not helping

front brakes got cleaned and still the brake pad is "hanging" - I made use an old trick, "a light
pound on the brake system with a hammer, to make some residue get loose

but not professional repair from the dealer side.

i have brakes clinging when parked overnight, even in my carport, not using handbrake

- will release when driving, even you hear unpleasant noise scheme.

now I go 24 Km on the liter again.

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