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At last, after my car going in and out of the garage for the past 4 months and them trying to get to thge bottom of the gear box problem I knew I had and that I was trying to convince them too, things are sorted.

The car developed a 'knock' or 'clunk' changing up from 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th, very noticeable to the point where even passengers asked what it was. The gear change wasn't tight and often changing down from 5th to 4th I just could not get it in gear.

Of course, sods law says when I took the garage tech out it didn't do it. But that was the nature of the problem.

The car must have been in half a dozen times for lengths of 1 to 3 days. At one point the gear linkage cables were changed but made no difference.

This time they had the car for a week and the service technician took the car for a test run and actually agreed the gearbox didn't seem right. With Peugeot's permission (because it is under warranty) they stripped the gearbox. And found a problem. The selector forks in the gearbox were worn and this was causing the issues I was having. It was all reassembled with new forks and I have the car back and it once again drives like a dream and I feel kind of vindicated that I kept on at them that there WAS a gearbox issue. I have to say I was at the point of selling it if it came back with the same issues this time.

When they said the forks were worn, I queried why that would be the fault on a 6 month old car and they said rather than wear and tear it was probably a manufacturing issue when the car was built i.e. something wrong with the forks in the gearbox at the time of assembly.

So I am happy again.

But my warning would be that my car cannot be the only one. There must have been a batch of these forks made and supplied to Peugeot or at least gearbox supplied with these faulty forks in. So my advice to anyone whose car was made at the back end of November or early December last year abd you are noticing any gearbox issues or noises is to get the car back to the dealer and get it checked.

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