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Unfortunately I think I may have caused this issue myself but I will explain anyway, who knows - maybe we can get it's fixed!

I noticed that one of my front lights isn't working on the car (the lowest position lights on the car). Tried a bulb replacement and nothing. I noticed yesterday that when I reverse, this light turns on and the left light turns off! Very confusing.

Also my right reverse light is also out of action with a bulb replacement not working. Can anyone confirm if thus rear light would be on the same circuit as the front lights?

This is where it gets tricky! I installed a subwoofer and did the wiring with a neighbour and was spicing into wires behind the headunit. Unfortunately didn't work so we tapped into the rear speakers which did work. Is there a way I could have ruined the wiring by doing this? Technically nothing has been disconnected but maybe a connection would have been added with another wire. I am scared to take to a car garage as I'm sure this Will cost hundreds. Has anyone had similar issues with the lights before I assume it was my dodgy sub installation?

Any help at all will be amazing

Thanks and peace

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