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I decided to fit a new battery to my wife's Peugeot 206 as Exide has just introduced their new 'Carbon Boost' batteries in the UK (careful: not all Exide are Carbon Boost, even though they may have the same type/model number; it will state 'Carbon Boost' on the label).

Carbon Boost allows the battery to charge 1.5X faster so it's ideal for her short journeys.

I didn't want to lose any of the radio/code/computer settings so I connected a small MN1604 (PP3) 9 volt battery across the battery clamps.

An insulated wire attached to the negative (-) MN1604 and to the negative battery clamp and an insulated wire attached to the positive (+) MN1604 and to the positive battery clamp. A little insulation tape over the MN1604 terminals; plus some tape wrapped around the wires to the clamps kept everything firmly in place.

This gives sufficient power to release the terminals (negative first) and remove the main battery whilst keeping the settings secure.

I then installed the new battery, connected the positive battery terminal first then the negative; removed my temporary MN1604 and wiring and all the settings were retained.

Not sure whether this method is frowned upon, but it worked for me.


NB: When removing a car battery you should disconnect the negative (-) terminal before the positive (+). When installing a car battery you should connect the positive (+) first, then the negative (-).

PS: You can buy little battery holders with wires and small crocodile (alligator) clamps attached but they cost around £20.

WARNING: Do not attempt to connect a battery charger to the main battery clamps whilst changing a car battery. The little MN1604 (PP3) is quite sufficient.

Exide Carbon Boost details: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Exide
carbon boost</a>

I got the EA530 with Carbon Boost (some older types are still around with this same number but without the carbon boost technology. Look at the battery label to check). Good discount at in Coventry £67.20 .

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