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Hi all - after only one week we had to park the 1.6 eHDI EGC Allure at Heathrow to take a break in Denmark - been booked for several months.

We collected a Renault Clio in Copenhagen and drove to the southern most tip of Zealand (about 100ks) on Saturday, the card key played up a bit in the evening, was ok on Sunday morning and then failed completely on Sunday late afternoon. Sixt were absolutely rubbish and refused to send another car so we had no option but to travel on the breakdown truck all the way back to CPH Airport to collect a replacement - this cost us 6 hours of our day and denied us the opportunity of an evening meal.

On the positive side, the replacement is a Renault Captur - so giving me the chance to have an extended test drive on it. It is nice to drive - has their equivalent to our EGC, but I much prefer the Allure. The Captur drives as if it is on oversized, under-inflated balloon tyres, especially when cornering on uneven ground - just feels unsure of itself and a bit wobbly.

Not sure what size engine or the model, but the "boot" is considerably smaller. Also where the boot floor meets the back of the rear seats, there is about a 2" gap - very handy for loosing things into the spare wheel tray.

I have this until Saturday, but I cannot find the trip computer to do a simple fuel check - mostly in Danish, but I have managed to reprogram into English. Does have Satnav, but I prefer my own Garmin, mirrors don't fold back on switch off.

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