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I just picked up my virtual blue 2008 1,2VTi 82 ETG5 Active + Satnav + Visibility pack + Active City pack from the dealer on Thursdat and have been busy driving since...

Anyways, I think that, in spito of many not-so-cool reviews of the ETG5 gearbox coupled with thie engine, Perugeot has finaly managed to tame this gearbox to a level where it is responsive and comfortable. That said, I am not (any more) the sportive kind of driver, but (compared to my old Smart) this gearbox really switches gears smoothly and at more or less foreseeable moments of driving. It is not slower than a manual "normal" gear change. I hope it stays like this through the life of the car.

For all the rest, the car drives really lovely. It is, of course, not a motorway hero, but invites to comfy and easy cruising on main and secondary roads, and its agility makes it a charm to drive in the city as well. The suspension sticks it well to the road, and the small steering wheel coupled with the rather direct and souple elecric servo make handling very easy.

For the countries with normal everyday speed limits on its roads and motorways and for drivers without sporty ambitions, this entry-level engine makes the 2008 a real steal in the supermini+ segment, i can, so far, after finishing my first fuel tank at 36,7 MPG only say that I am very happy with the car's performance and handling so far.
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