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Am new to the forum and have just purchased a 64 plate 2008 Active 1.6 e-HDI which I am very pleased with.

I have just discovered there is no CD player. Yes, should have spotted that pre-sale, but have been so used to cars having one as standard, I didn't think to look to see one wasn't there until I looked for the non-existent slot yesterday shortly after I collected the car from the dealer

I have done a forum search and seen there is a dealer fit option for a CD player to be housed in the glovebox and do use my iPod to play MP3s on my old Peugeot 308, so can go down either of those musical routes with this car; but wondered if it is possible to play the output of a portable, personal CD player via the car's speakers if connected via the USB socket I would normally use to hook up my iPod?

Suspect it probably isn't but would be good if somebody could confirm that or not.


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