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Always one post to start a debate.

Recently one of our forum members queried the benefit of using branded fuel as against some supermarket or unknown branded fuels or even the Premium Stuff.

We've always felt that there was more to be gained by using quality fuels and fuel additives. Prior to "madam" having the 2008 she used to run a BMW Mini Cooper 1.6 Petrol with Chilli Spec, whatever that was. Anyway during the servicing the dealer would supply and stick in the fuel tank their petrol additive and just remind her to fill the tank up with fuel asap.

We could buy it in between services if we so desired, as apparently the engines didn't like cheap fuel, the injectors would clog up etc etc so they would recommend adding this fuel cleaner. After a bit of searching thro' our archives in the office I found the leaflet that BMW Mini gave us. They obviously had found an issue with using cheaper fuels and recognised the advantage of using additives so the engines would burn cleaner and not develop running issues later in life.

See below.

Now the fuel companies recognise this and their fuels today, after coming under pressure from the car manufacturers, contain additive packages to help to combat the problem. This affects not only petrol engines but diesel as well.

Some people will tell you its all "snake oil" and if the manufacturer doesn't put it in then its not needed. Well it would appear that is not the case. With the ever increasing need to meet the latest Euro Emission targets something is needed to keep the engines and their fuel systems clean as the cars put on the mileage. We're thinking MOT time here where a dirty engine after 30k miles and approaches it's MOT could very well fail. Oils are now branded and manufactured specifically for each manufacturer. Peugeot have their own specifications recommending Total Quartz Ineo ECS 5W 30 Engine Oil for the EHdi Diesel Engines, threatening imprisonment if you use anything else invalidating your warranty. Why?. Well that oil contains the right additive package for the engine ensuring that itys kept clean. Is that the case , well you decide and do some research.

This will not always be the case I'm sure but vehicles that are not used for any distance can become susceptible to fouling of the injectors and a build up of carbon affecting performance and fuel economy.

Those of you a little bit further on in years like myself and Andy (Pilot) as well as Allan (Allan40alt), will no doubt remember the scandal of the "Black Sludge". Basically the engine oil at the time, couldn't cope with the engines not really getting hot enough and an increase in service lengths, so this black sludge would develop restricting oil flow around the engine and virtually starving the main components of oil and severe engine wear would develop at low miles.

Obviously things have moved on, but today because of power outputs rising from smaller engines, the need for them to run to high mileages before servicing is required, and the need to give out fresh air from the exhaust, manufacturers recognise that there is a requirement to ensure that only the best fuel and oil is used.

But bear in mind that cost comes into the equation here. Petrol and Oil companies will only do the basics there is a rule of economics here, as there is with almost anything in life.

If this is of interest to you or you think its a load of tosh, then just take a look at the article below from a leading figure who is recognised in the lubricants industry as someone who knows what he's talking about and supplies additives that work.

As a company we use their fuel additives in all our vehicles, we haven't as yet used the oil additives because our vehicles have regular services, Peugeot 8k miles, Audi's every 10k miles, Transit 10k miles and Jag every 10k miles. All these have engine flushes added to the oil prior to arriving at the dealers for a service. But I'm seriously considering after the next service adding an oil additive to the Jag as an experiment.

Anyway I hope this has been of help and interest, if not I'm sure you'll let me know.

But it would be good to hear what other members think about Fuel & Oil Additives.

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