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Hi all.

I have stumbled upon this forum and thought I'll ask some question if you don't mind :).

I have just purchased the 2015 1.6 bluehdi 120 allure model but with more upgrades. I'm simply loving it. Never had a car like it :)

I have the following questions:
1. What does the button at the end of the signal stalk do? Probably nothing as i read, right?
2. Can the touchscreen system software be upgraded? I don't mind the gps cos i don't use it.
3. Can i play youtube videos through bluetooth connection? No video or audio came through. Didn't try spotify though. I don't think it has android play.
4. Can I change the reading and courtesy lights?
5. From which side do i remove the cover to replace the footwell and boot lights?
6. I don't have a Peugeot internet dongle. Is there a way to use the mobile as an internet connection?

Sorry for all the question and thanks in advance :)

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