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To cancel or wait? Sadly I am edging towards the former.

Like so many others posting here my biggest gripe is with
the lack of information from Peugeot moreover the blatant contempt shown
towards paying customers. I accept that demand has proven higher than
anticipated but nonetheless this nonsense position of unknown build dates is a
total shambles.

Having followed many posts on the forum, many of which
useful""¦many more reporting delay frustrations. I now find myself weighing
up whether it really is worth the wait. Like others I'm growing tired and
irritated of waiting with no real end date in sight. My order follows a
common track of bad communication""¦no communication, however I have the added
frustration of dealing with the ""˜special' people known as Peugeot Financial
Service ""¦

Ordered 7<sup>th</sup> August

advised 8-12 weeks

order confirmation (with registration plate number) received
24<sup>th</sup> Sep indicating expected delivery 8<sup>th</sup> Nov

4<sup>th</sup> Nov I enquire about handover of 8<sup>th</sup>
Nov ""“ salesman doesn't have information on my order ""“ no VIN on system yet

25<sup>th</sup> Nov I phone to whinge at lack of info ""“
salesman advises build date is 26<sup>th</sup> Nov ""“ provisional handover date
= 06<sup>th</sup> Dec

3<sup>rd</sup> Dec I phone to confirm all in place for
handover ""“ salesman informs me car isn't built yet, new date is 15<sup>th</sup>

I've left out the months of wrangling with PFS over my
existing 207 contract. Life is short and I'll only wind myself up again
recapping how moronic these people are.

On a plus note it's good to see those owners of 2008's are
pleased with the end product.

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Tricky one.

I suppose you have to do what is best for you and your family. If you cannot wait any longer and getting another car that will arrive immediately, then go ahead. But if you have to order another car from scratch then you might as well wait.

The car is definitely worth waiting for. And you may regret cancelling when you start seeing them on the roads.


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Whoosy, please stick with it. Trust me, I feel for you and a I know exactly where you are coming from with this. I have had an awful time trying to buy a 2008. It is hard to believe so many things could go wrong. I have been waiting since mid June.

I have been at the same point of despair as yourself, several times I have been on the verge of cancelling. But when I have looked there has been nothing else out there. Is there really anything better that you like? I looked at all the obvious alternatives but none 'grabbed me' like the 2008 did the first time I saw it and when I test drove it.

I stuck with it and I hope I am a little closer now (apparently the car has been built but that was the last I heard and that was nearly 3 weeks ago).

I just keep thinking to myself that I think I would be kicking myself now had I gone out and bought something else. I still very much like the 2008, as I am sure you do also or you would not have ordered one.

So, just try to stick with it.

My advice in the meantime is to try to get as much compensation out of Peugeot as you possibly can. I got a very good discount on the car from the dealer because of all the issues plus protection pack at cost and tank of fuel. Plus from Peugeot I got the standard free tank of fuel plus a free service plus £200 worth of accessories. I would prefer the car to any of these, but they do help ease the pain for sure.

Just my advice from someone in a similar position.
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