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Firstly thanks for all your kind words its good to be back, and secondly I'll try and behave myself.

Well its arrived or more to the point went to collect it late Friday evening around 17.00pm. The sale man was polite, friendly very professional and covered all eh bases. Madam thought he harped on a bit, she wanted to go home after 15 mins.

The coffee was free and we had a few dinky biscuits signed all the paperwork did the guided tour and left around 18.30pm.

First impressions, I'm well impressed. My previous experiences of French Cars, don't worry Burty I won't go there, were shall we say mixed. Great designs poor executions.

The build quality is perhaps not on par with the Audi, my current car, but then the Audi did cost the best part of £13k more, so one would expect some differences.

Apart from the cheap plastics and some of the fixings, switch gear etc, the car is sound. No creaks, rattles groans, the seats are excellent ride is good, road holding better than I would have expected for a "crossover vehicle". The steering is precise and we like the infotainment system, no sat-nav, but then we're not bothered madam has her Tom Tom for that. It had DAB Radio, that we do like, the Audi doesn't have DAB!! Its comfortable all in all we're well pleased with it.

The economy is great, 55mpg at present and hopefully we might see an improvement on that in the coming months.

So what is it, well its a Bianca White 2008 1.6 eHDi Allure, with the infamous EGC gearbox. It wouldn't have been our first choice, but the deal was right, madam needs an auto and this fitted the bill. Exactly what its going to be like to live with on a day to day basis only time will tell.

It was registered January 2015 so on a 64 Plate as a demo model and has covered 2755 miles. The dealer very kindly delivered it with a 65 point check !!!! and serviced it due to age not mileage. Thank you kind man.

Whats not to like, well the Stop Start and I see from the Forum pages Stupot00 is running a thread on how he's not impressed with it. I don't blame him I feel the same way but not for the reasons he his complaining about. I think he appreciates that because he's limited in the use the vehicle is used its not working as he would have liked. I'll add my thoughts on the system to his thread.

And secondly, we come to everybody's favorite topic, well those that have one, the infamous EGC Box.
First impressions on the limited test drive were, well its different, but then so was my first Audi TT. That had an early version of the now fantastic DSG / S Tronic Gearbox. You learnt its foibles and drove around them and it was great. Treat it with respect and a little mechanical sympathy and it was fine. I did 140k mils with no issues. So you can imagine I thought, alright this EGC box is different, but we'll work around it.
So after 380 miles with it yesterday, a quick business trip, what do I think. In design a good idea, in execution could be better. In fact could or should be a lot better. If left in Auto it ruins the driving experience, it hesitates on changing up and down. to describe it well I'll stick my comments on one of the topics running at present.

Overall, we're happy. We like the design its practicality but its not perfect and in my mind spoilt by a couple of things that should make the driving experience more enjoyable.

The idea is that for the next couple of months or so, madam will drive the Audi and I will pile some mileage on, approx 800- 1000 miles a week for business in giving it a thorough shakedown and then madam will take control.

I'm looking forward to spending sometime with it.

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My wife got on well with our 2008.
Easy to park and comfortable to drive.

Nice car....apart from the horrible bulbs...get them changed to LEDs asap!!

Bulb change to LED

Have fun, Al.
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