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Have had my 2014 95BHP Allure Deisil since December 2015 ,now done around 39000 miles.Driven very carefully in a rural area so not a lot of traffic.Get around 60 MPG ,a bit less in winter but can achieve high 70's on a run with a fifty fifty split between motorway and other roads.
Amber warning light engine management ,something to do with the fuel pump
Corrected by Main Dealer under warranty.
Clunking noise from front turned out to be passenger side shock/ top mount,out of warranty so done by my local guarage .This noise just appeared randomly on smooth roads but not always over bumps about 34K.I read up on this site seems a common problem.
Clutch pedal not returning fully this started of doing it once then it would go weeks without doing it,gradually got more frequent turned out to be leaking clutch cylinder.
Other than that no other problems so overall well pleased.
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