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Hi there to all
Thought i would pass on a few views on my new 65 plate 1.6 bluehdi 120 allure model in nimbus grey, which i bought from robins and day sheffield south branch who i can highly recommend ross fletchergave me a very fair and excellent p/ deal was delighted.
Im a big peugeot diesel fan having run a 308 110 hdi sport for 3 trouble free years and prior to my 2008 running a citroen ds4 with the superb 2.0 peugeot diesel engine we also have a 208 and a 3008 in the family < daughters>
So as a peugeot lover i find my self supprised to be finding my self underwhelmed so far by my beautiful looking 2008 and am hoping some of you experienced owners may be able to reassure me my experience will improve
My main concern been the economy figures having run my citroen ds4 2.0 160 bhp for 2.5 years my average over 38000 miles were 47.0 mpg
So far in the pug only done 500 miles so far am only averaging 49.5 and even driving like a nun cant get it to go over 51.3 so obviously i am very unhappy about these figures as i thought i was going to get a big improvement on the 2.0 ds4
Also engine refinement is terrible compared to the 2.0 it sounds like a tractor!
Other fault is will have to go back to dealer about the drivers seat which has a terrible sqeak/ creaking noise driving me nuts!
Has anyone else had this problem ? And more important is it fixable ?
It sounds like a long moaning session as i do like the car really and hope to come to love it but it also has some serious bad desivn issues
Cup holders a joke
Hand brake design terrible they could have made it fantastic by having the electronic hand brake as in other peugeotsand citroens this would also have given space for a proper console with cupholders and an armrest
Other design flaws are when opening doors from inside no recess slot to hold the door open ?? Our 208 has them
And finally boot openinig button very awkward and v.heavy to lift door open and boot cover lid would be better as a pull out version.
So after all those gripes am hoping in a couple of years time am going to be singing its praises
Regards steve

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I can't comment on your bluehdi as mine is the original hdi 115, but I will say that fuel economy in mine did improve after ssone miles head been covered. I get an average of just over 60mpg overall with a lot of motorway. But around town the economy plummets, particularly if I drive enthusiastically.

On your other points:

I have not heard or read of squeaks from the seat but it must be easily fixed.

Cup holders are indeed a joke (in my experience this is a common Peugeot characteristic I have had a number of Peugeots over time and none have had decent usable cup holders. It's a shame because it's surely a simple design problem to fix I just don't think Peugeot consider it important.

A personally I quite like the handbrake, and you do get used to it, I think I may be one of a few on this, (I think I am also the only owner on this forum that doesn't want an armrest as well, so perhaps my requirements differ from many) but your solution would be better.

You're right about the lack of a recess in the door but that is not something I have considered myself. I guess it may be due to the door being shorter than the 208's perhaps.

There is about 1/2 second delay on the tailgate release after pushing the button and this does often lead people to believe that the tailgate is heavier than it is. If you wait for the release before trying to lift it can help.

Agreed, the boot cover is sh*t. I was personally going to see if I could fabricate a rollover cover but have not done so yet, no doubt I probably never will.

In the car's defence, I do find mine very comfortable, and pretty nice to drive. The small steering wheel is its best feature. Overall it's the nicest Peugeot I have had in the way it drives, and I have had a few (my 207 GT came a close second). I've also taken mine through the mud and it has done well, and to top it all it has been totally reliable (quit honestly I wouldn't expect anything else)

I think you have identified most of the shortcomings, save for the tiny glovebox, and the limitations of the touchscreen system (although as yours is a new car it could be improved over my early model)Edited by: burty
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