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Thought it would be useful to post this further to our first car having a NOX sensor replaced earlier this year, our other car (Identical GT Line 120 diesel).

Sequence of events on a long journey...

Got audible warning and fixed lights came on whilst driving for SERVICE and ENGINE FAULT and shortly followed by a message on the dashboard screen telling me of Engine Emissions Fault. So I kept driving as it wasn't convenient to pull over immediately. After a few miles another warning audible and fixed warning light added to the 2 already lit, for UREA (ADBLUE), so pulled into the next layby but left the engine running whilst I checked the manual which advises to contact dealership without delay. So I continued my journey, I had over 100 miles to my destination so was a little apprehensive.

After a few more miles I got another audible warning and the UREA light started to flash, and soon got a message on the dashboard screen warning of the SCR emission fault and that "Starting the engine will be prevented in 700 miles".

Whilst slightly concerning at least I felt that at least I would reach my destination, which I did.

Called a few garages the next morning to see if I could get car booked in for diagnostics and repair, before the end of the weekend and the 300 mile drive home, I couldn't, but one garage did say I should be fine driving the car home.

So drove home on Sunday, with the 2 fixed warning lights and the UREA light flashing. Plus the message came on the screen every minute or so.

Additionally whilst driving an audible warning came every 50 miles with the message reducing the "Starting Prevented in..." mileage.

Arrived home with no issues, the car drove perfectly normal, and I got the car into local garage, diagnosed and new NOX sensor fitted today.

Scan MyPeugeot Phone App gives warning lamps details:

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-07 at 17.59.16.jpeg WhatsApp Image 2020-09-07 at 17.57.41.jpeg
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