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Thanks for highlighting this interesting clip burty, it certainly has created some questions of interest to me...

Do you think the 'stretch' is primarily there for creating some additional underfloor space to accomodate those hydraulic tanks as proposed for the forthcoming Hybrid Air road models? And does that testing by Opel strongly indicate that General Motors are set to become the new sort-after partners for the PSA Hybrid Air systems ?
I would most certainly welcome a few added centimeters of extra internal space if it were used to improve passenger leg room, plus having an added bonus of allowing slightly longer loads to be carried.

Also I would very much welcome a slightly larger diameter steering wheel, the 'signature' small Peugeot wheel being, for me, the one tiresome compromise to comfortable driving in an otherwise truly excellent car.
Would another PSA wheel simply and directly swap onto the 2008's steering colum anyway ? For that improvement I would happily sacrifice the radio and phone switching gizmos on the steering wheel.
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