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We've owned our car for around five weeks now and I thought I'd post a quick thread on my findings of the vehicle. This review is based on our own personal likes and dislikes of the vehicle only, it's not a general review of the vehicle.

Car in question, 2008 1.6 e-hdi Allure in pearl white

Points we like, even though some of them are standard on many cars, they are still great.
Higher riding height.
Seems very economical and cheap to tax (at the moment government depending)
Small car but surprisingly large inside.
Easy fold rear seats.
Small steering wheel which is very responsive and nice to hold.
Car is easy to steer and park due to the small responsive steering wheel.
Remote controls for stereo and phone on the steering wheel.
Hands free telephone.
The option to show your speed in digital form in large format.
Quite a nippy diesel especially given it's a 1.6.
Controls on the whole are easy to use.
Love the headlights and exterior design of the car, especially the colour.
High safety rating, which hopefully would be of benefit if you were to crash the vehicle.
Seats are quite comfy, although we've owned cars with much better seats.
Great boot space given the overall size of the vehicle.
Great flat loading area of the boot too, no obstructing boot lip.
Lots of headroom for tall people in the front and good visibility out of the screen, usually being tall we find we are looking through the top couple of inches in most cars screens.
Parking sensor is a natty addition, although we've never felt we needed the feature, other than in our last car which was around 19 foot long and full of blind spots, could have been useful there.

Points that are less to our liking.
The clutch has a high biting point and doesn't provide any feedback, and isn't the best position to lift your foot off, given our heights and seating position. If the clutch pedal was pointing down an inch or two it would be much better, we could bring our feet off more straight back, compared to having to lift our legs up and then off. We are both tall so we find we have to have the seat in the fully down position and right back. My hubby has the seat in the furthest back position, I'm one notch forward. I also have to have the wheel right out and in the fully up position, which hinders the view of the dials for me. Hubby is OK as he's well over six foot tall.

The gearbox is notchy in first, second and sometimes third, actually it's my least favourite gearbox of all the cars I've owned or driven (having said that, I once drove a Citroen 2CV, what gear box!) It could do with refinement in our opinion, smoother change, gears closer together, unless we have a bad gearbox. Having said that the car had only 4,500 miles on the clock when we purchased it, so I doubt it is that.

Not the smoothest of rides, fair amount of body jerks and movements when you hit uneven roads (bad roads in Yorkshire, so riding around in the car can become a nightmare at times) However, not much body roll in corners which is a plus point. Our previous car rolled more in corners than this car, and it was low to the ground. I've not been a passenger in the rear yet but my Mum tells me she is thrown around more in the rear seats and finds it much better in the front.

The handbrake is nice, however I sometimes struggle to release it.

The computerised readings for MPG need to be more accurate, they are way out compared to when you actually work out the amount of fuel used to empty then re-filling.

The informant system isn't the best, not the easiest to run through even as a passenger, could be designed to be much easier to operate. It isn't hard in the brains department to use, just awkward in the menus scrolling etc.

The seats would benefit from a dial to alter the rake, the lever seems like a cheap alternative. If a dial was added I'm sure I could have found a better driving position.

Lots of wind noise from the door pillars on motorways. Although I will probably get used to it.

Big let down, lack of compartments, I couldn't believe it when I looked at the size of the passenger compartment glovebox, I can only just get a tiny bottle of hand sanitiser and hand wipes in there. The cup holders are a joke, any bottle that you try to hold hits the upper trim and if you are not careful the bottles fall over and they don't hold a regular cup of coffee.

The ride height it great, I just wish the height of the door well ridge was lower to save you having to lift your legs so high to avoid hitting the bodywork. It isn't a problem for me so much, but my mum is small and it causes her a problem.

Don't like the stop start facility in very slow crawling traffic, I knock it off.

First thing I did was ditch the boot parcel shelf. I hate it, doesn't lift up with the boot and if you forget to put the back part down you cannot see out of the rear of the car. Why oh why wasn't a strap added! Such a simple thing to do and yet it wasn't done.


Verdict, I often feel like I'm driving around in a mini van, given I've driven vans for work, that's what this vehicle reminds me of, probably due to the ride height and defiantly due to the suspension of rough roads. I guess I'm used to a much larger and smoother touring vehicle (which cannot be compared to this vehicle as they are different beasts) My hubby likes the car more than I do, having said that his cars a very old Pug 206. I purchased this car for the economy and I liked the looks of it. In hindsight I wish we'd tested more vehicles to be honest. However in fairness the car is growing on me slowly. The economy and design wins hands down above other vehicles in its class, in our opinion. We were looking for a small economical vehicle with good economy that was cheap to run and tax, this car fits that bill mainly. It isn't in your face with its design and it doesn't scream for attention from anybody. All in all it does what it is designed to do and it does it quite well.
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