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Tamworth Snowdome was the unlikely venue last week as the company unveiled its new compact crossover, the 2008.

There were several raised eyebrows among the assembled motoring media when the scheduled test drive stopped-off at the popular Staffordshire winter sports complex.

But the icy slope of the indoor hill proved the ideal place to showcase the 2008's unique selling point ""“ Peugeot's high-tech Grip Control system.

First seen on the company's mid-sized 3008 crossover it will be standard issue on range-topping Allure and Feline versions of 2008 and proved its usefulness by making light work of the snow-covered 14-degree incline.

The patented system offers extra grip in challenging terrains and driving conditions without the need for cumbersome 4x4 running gear, with settings for snow, off-road, sand and stability programme off as well as normal mode.

Models with the system will also come fitted with all weather tyres in a package that offers some real all-year-round, go-anywhere capability.

The 2008 is not designed just for outward-bound, all-action types though. Based on the 208 supermini platform it is intended to be equally at home in the urban jungle.

As such the distinctive design offers a blend of characteristics found on SUVs and family hatchbacks.

The elevated ground clearance, protective cladding of the lower body and roof rails are all rugged, off-road touches while the upper body is more typically hatchback, taking several style cues from the 208.

The car is longer and taller than the sporty supermini though, so doesn't display quite the same poise and body-control.

Nevertheless the ride is settled and comfortable, with the small sports steering wheel from the 208 offering good feedback, and the car's dimensions are still small enough to make negotiating city traffic trouble free.

(From the Birmingham Mail)


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No snow here, but I'm only four miles away from the snowdome might pop in and ask them if I can test my car out lol
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