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Peugeot has released fresh details about the 2008 DKR cross-country rally car that will debut at the 2015 Dakar Rally, with the headline story being that it features a 340hp twin-turbo V6 diesel engine.

The mid-mounted unit sends power to two wheels, but Peugeot continues to maintain silence on whether the 2008 DKR is a rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive car. However, given that Red Bull is a major partner of Team Peugeot Total and that the energy drink giant's team entered two rear-wheel drive buggies at the 2014 Dakar (one of them driven by Carlos Sainz), my bet is that the 2008 DKR has a RWD setup.

""When it comes to cross-country rallying, the biggest question is whether to run with four-wheel-drive or just two. After a detailed study of the question, we decided to go for two-wheel drive transmission which presents a number of interesting benefits,""� said Peugeot Sport Director Bruno Famin.

The decision to run a two-wheel drive car will enable the team to try to become the first to win the Dakar with 2WD and a diesel engine. According to regulations, two-wheel drive cars are allowed to be significantly lighter than 4x4s, while also being entitled to use bigger wheels, which provide them with a certain advantage on difficult terrains. Additionally, larger wheels allowed Peugeot to minimize the car's front overhang.

""The 2008 DKR can practically climb vertical walls! And that's not all! Longer suspension travel ""“ 460mm instead of 250mm ""“ enhances its ability over dunes and when soaking up uneven ground. That's a key asset on an event like the Dakar,""� said technical project manager Jean-Christophe Pallier.

Another advantage of the larger wheel size is a system that enables the tyre pressures to be adjusted remotely from inside the cockpit for when the car has to cross sand dunes.

See more in the video below:

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