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Peugeot is gearing up for the June launch of its new 2008 urban crossover.

Prices from less than £13,000 to around £17,000 are expected for this compact people carrier 'big brother' of the hot hatch 208.

The French maker promises up to 61.8 mpg from the car, which was unveiled at the recent Geneva Motor Show. Its 1.2 litre e-VTi engine with stop-start technology will keep the 2008's CO2 emissions ddown to 159 g/mile.

The car went down well in a 'blind' test in Birmingham's Bullring centre with a group of Auto Express readers who were shown it with its badges covered up. Jonty Smithy from Solihull, who drives a BMW X5, said: 'It's an attractive car. The chrome finish is a nice touch.

Overall, it's impressive with lots of cabin space.' Rhonda Gold, from Tamworth, Staffs, who drives a Toyota Hilux, thought the new Peugeot would cost at least £8,000 more than the predicted top price.

She said: 'It's stunning. I like the interior, particularly the leather trim. It's a decent size and has the 4x4 feel. It reminds me of an Audi Q5.'

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