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Hello everyone!

I bought my new bus on Friday, traded in my bmw z4... let's all take a minute's silence... anyway my beautiful girlfriend decided that on day 4 of us having the new car that she would add her own special, personal touch by flicking her cigarette butt onto the front passenger seat burning a lovely hole right down to the sponge... Another minute's silence... Thus the need for a car seat cover to tide me over in the interim until I can afford the pennies to get the seat replaced.

Now you know the background story, I hope you all feel my pain... i'm looking for a car seat cover, before you all say yes I have done my homework. I went to Halfords, first one was too tight and didn't fit over the bucket style seats that the new 2008 has the second "designed to fit SUVs" was about as baggy as a bin liner. I've looked online and when it comes to selecting your vehicle's make and model off the drop down menu it doesn't even come up on the list!! Perks of having such a new model of vehicle I guess...

So if any of you beautiful people out there have a car seat cover for your 2008 new model AND it fits I would be very intrigued as to how much you paid for it and where you managed to acquire such a miracle.

Many Thanks in Advance

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