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since a few weeks i drive a (dutch
) 2008 1.6e-hdi 2-tronic. In my
last car i installed a gps/gsm tracker and i intend to install one in my

For that i removed the touchscreen and inspected the SMEG sat-nav unit.
On the unit are 3 fakra connectors; obviously one for radio, one for the gps antenna and hopefully one for a gsm antenna(?).

Does anybody know the color codes (and use) of these 3 fakra connectors ?
i need to get the 12V (battery) signal and switched 12V from the iso
connector. Would anybody know the wire colors/ connector pin numbers?

course i will install an extra GPS antenna for the tracker somewhere in
the dash; but it would be super if i can use the factory installed GSM
antenna by disconnecting it from the smeg and rerouting it to my tracker

Thanx for the information !

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