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So, I have never had any real problems with the Touchscreen crashing or restarting, other than a one time event on a long journey not long after I first got my car (likely before the system was updated). But recently I bought myself a new Android Mobile (Oneplus 2) running Lollypop with this Oxygenos. After pairing that mobile to the Touchscreen I had continual restarting issues, where the touchscreen would restart then crash within a few seconds repeatedly. Turning bluetooth off on my mobile stopped the problem but obviously meant that I could not use the Mobile. This is completely unsatisfactory IMO.

I will be honest I was very quick to blame the Touchscreen software given the general level of quality of the software on the Peugeot is sadly lacking, it was my immediate assumption that the Peugeot system was at fault. So I trawled various forums including the 208 owners club forum, which is a pretty reliable source of information about various problems given the commonality between our car and the 208 and the fact that there are so many more 208s with somewhat more adventurous owners than 2008s.

My initial investigations suggested that anupgrade to 3.21, might be a solution but this was inconclusive, with some owners reporting crashing issues after upgrading. So I did a bit more research and I found that touchscreen crashes on a number of different cars, not all of which are PSA cars commonplace with this Mobile Phone. It seems that there is some issues around the way that the mobile handles the bluetooth contact sharing. Anyway, following other owner experiences I downloaded a Bluetooth contact sharing app, called Bluetooth Phonebook, and all appears to be good, with no touchscreen crashes, based on a fairly limited short term test.

Bluetooth Phonebook is a paid for app with a free trial that allows you to test but changes random digits in phone numbers thus compelling you to test but not use the app. The paid for version of the app has a rather extortionate charge of £1.29. There are plenty of other bluetooth sharing apps, and I have no idea whether any others would work or be better or worse I just tried this one based on recommendation.

So the moral of the story is, if your touchscreen crashes regularly, it might be your mobile (assuming you pair to your mobile). Of course decent software should handle problems caused by paired devices more elegantly, so Peugeot software is still not off the hook from my perspective.

The next decision is whether to upgrade to 3.21 anyway. I'm not yet certain of the benefits so if anyone else that has done the upgrade has a view on the benefits of upgrading I would welcome it. My biggest bugbear with the software is the music player cutting the end of the track in random play. If this is solved in 3.21 it might encourage me to take the plunge. (Well that and the usability of the screen selecting stuff on screen, finding music, contacts etc which has been built with zero consideration of the application).
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