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Had our Peugeot 2008 eHDI manual for a week and a half and have had two issues with the Touchscreen system:
1) On one occasion the hard button Menu and Mode keys did not respond. The functions on the touchscreen at the time (radio) were OK but I could not change to SatNav or Trip meter from the Mode button (there is no other way is there?). Turned of the ignition and turned on again but still not working. Turned off for about 15minutes and came back and tried it - hard Menu & Mode buttons now worked.
2) My wife & I both have our iPhones paired. On one occasion Wife got in first so hers paired. I dropped her off so when she left the car it said bluetooth connection lost or something. On way home I tried to listen to the radio (I wasn't previously) but there was no sound (mute was not on). Everything else worked - volume change, source etc) but just no sound from speakers. On turning ignition off and back on again the sound came back.

Anyone have any similar issues?
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