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Hi all,

Quick update from our car:
After collecting just before Christmas we have done about 1700 miles in the car, everything was going great, with only a few niggles.
<ul>[*]Automatic Gearbox - was a bit sluggish and jerky between gears, the dealer had never explained that this was a
weirdgearbox and that to drive smoothly you have to pre empt the
gear changes and lift off a little. Both my wife and
myselfhave now managed to get the hang of this so is less of an issue than first thought.
[*]Hill Start and ECO Mode - like the gearbox this feature was never explained to us when we collected the car and after
driftingbackwards on a slow incline waiting for the car to start was a bit frightening. It appears that if you brake slowly on an uphill. The 2 second auto brake doesn't kick in. Instead you have to stop then firmly press the brake, at which point it will hold for 2 secs for you to get your foot on the accelerator. You all may already know this, but I thought a this should have been explained.
[/list]Finally the day of our second road trip the car went into a little meltdown. The key or door lock wouldn't lock the car and when driving, and despite opening and closing all doors about 20 times, the car would shout that the rear right door was open.

Ringing the dealer proved useless so Peugeot assistance sent the AA round. It appeared that the Electronic Child lock had caused the fault. When activated would refuse to believe the doors were shut. The only solution was to drive with this off, petrified our two year old would reach the door handle.

2 weeks after asking for Peugeot to look at it, now it appears that this is some kind of computer related fault. Best case scenario 4 weeks until a replacement part can be fitted.

The guy at the dealer, failing to understand our concerns for safety, suggested we drive the next 4 weeks with the child lock activated and try to ignore the constant bing bong from the computer. GENIUS!!

A week has passed in a 208 loan car(2 door manual) and after much persuasion that our breakdown policy requires like for like car replacements,Thankfully we have been offered a 3008 until the problem is rectified.

This doesn't bode well for our planned 3 years of trouble free motoring.

I hope everyone else is having a slightly better time of it?
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