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Over the years I've tried (and binned) many car vacuum cleaners.

The small 12V plug-in are a nuisance as the really don't have much power...or you have to have the ignition switched on to use them...

The re-chargeable don't have much power after the first two minutes and don't last much more than ten minutes. They're also nearly always flat when you want to use it!

This one I've been using for about two years now and my wife pinches it to do the stairs as it's so powerful and light. It has a decent length of lead that wraps around for storage, easy to empty, good crevice tool that it stores on board. Suck only or suck and rotary brush.

The usual price is £60 but I got mine from Amazon. Details here:

Electrolux Mains Car Vacuum

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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