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Hi 2008 owners!

I've identified that the 17" 6.5J ET20 wheels from the Peugeot 2008 up to 2019 are a perfect fit for a custom project I'm doing, and they're very plentiful and look good.


I was hoping someone might be able to check a couple of things before I go and pull the trigger on buying a set.

1. What's the diameter of the wheel bolt holes at their narrowest point? My project uses 14mm bolts and the Peugeot 12mm bolts so I would like to know in advance if the holes will need enlarged and by how much.

2. Looking at the wheel bolts, they have a taper section on the shank and then a flat flange with a washer. Which of these two is actually the seating surface for these alloys? Attached picture of what I believe is the OE wheel bolt type for this wheel.


3. If possible, what's the weight of one of these wheels, with its tyre?

4. What's the diameter of the recess for the bolt head?

And if I like the answers to these questions, and anyone has a set of 4 for sale, I'd be interested.

Thanks in advance!
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